Introducing Marxism (Para Principiantes en Ingles)

Introducing Marxism: A Graphic Guide (Paperback)
By: Oscar Zarate (Author) and Rupert Woodfin (Author)

Was Marx himself a 'Marxist'? What did Marx really say?This graphic guide provides a fundamental account of Karl Marx's original philosophy, its roots in 19th century European ideology, his radical economic and social criticism of capitalism that inspired vast 20th century revolutions. The book examines the alternative Marxist approaches of Gramsci, the Frankfurt School of critical theory and the structuralist Marxism of Althusser in the 1960s. It marshals postmodern interpretations of Marxism and raises the specter of 'post-Marxism' in Derrida's confrontation with Fukuyama's 'end of history' doctrine.


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